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It is an undeniable fact that sporting stars and celebrities are now very big business on the world stage. Their prowess with bat, ball or club is, almost, of a secondary nature to their ability to shine in the public eye. One thinks of David Beckham as a prime example of this genre. Serena Williams is another, who is a far bigger entity than the sport that she excels at. These celebrity giants stride centre stage wherever they are and whatever they might be doing. The celebrity sportsperson package is brimming with sparkling white teeth, perfect skin and a beaming ring of confidence a mile wide.

Media Prowess Matters Most

These wunderkinds are, often, trained from a very early age to perform both on and off the sporting arena. They are coached in media training, so that they can speak to the media and appear well on all of our many screens. Ability on the field may get them their chance, but it is their ability to shine in front of the cameras, which takes them to a whole other level. Falls from grace are forgiven for the stylish media performer. Betrayals are taken in stride if the charisma level is high enough. Lance Armstrong got away with it for years because he was a darling in front of the media.

Perfect Smiles a Prerequisite

A perfect smile is a prerequisite for the celebrity sportsperson in the modern era. Click here to see an example of the cosmetic processes available for celebrities and those in the media’s eye. Teeth straightening and whitening are par for the course in the 21C. Nobody wants to look at straggly teeth and stained chompers if they can avoid it. Sponsors do not want to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars to be represented by miscreants. Sport is big business in every sense and those who pay out want their pound of prime flesh.

Sponsors Call the Tunes

The celebrity sportsperson package has no uneven surfaces or rough edges, everything must be smooth to avoid any unwanted scrutiny. The captain of the Australian cricket team is airbrushed to perfection. The recent cheating saga would have left many corporate sponsors choking on their aftershave fumes. The sponsors call the tunes and they get what they demand. Performances off the sporting field are now more important than on the field. No DUIs. No domestic violence. No sexual misconduct. Bland perfect smiles with not too much spice please!