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Australia consumes way too much sporting fare, especially down Melbourne way. If intellectual content were the green crunchy vegetables and sports were carbs, sugar and salt, then most Aussies would have scurvy. Captain Cook came up with some Tahitian limes before being shishka-babbed in Hawaii, but these days the importance of a good diet in sports cannot be overestimated. Our sportspeople and the fans all need to focus on their diet if they are going to make it to the final siren in front of the game.

The Sedentary Lifestyle is a Death Sentence

The days of fast food and copious amounts of alcohol are long gone.  The number one reason for this is that we all live a largely sedentary existence and cannot burn off all those carbs. Sporting stars must stay lean for the coach and the team. Plus, for the ever-present cameras of course.  The fans are in danger of heart disease, diabetes and bowel cancer. Sitting on your arse on the couch, scoffing down crap, is the fast lane to the local cemetery. The importance of a good diet in sports and life is paramount in 2019. Labour saving devices are, literally, killing us with automated kindness.

Cooking Can Save the Day

One shining light in a tunnel of darkness is the new-found celebrity for cooking shows. If punters can be inspired to produce their own healthy dishes at home, they may combat the deadly epidemic of obesity shortening the lives of wealthy westerners everywhere.  New kitchens are being renovated in homes across Australia because people want to be able to cook in style. Check it out here to see business opportunities popping up in the kitchen makeover sector. There is a veritable boom in kitchen renovations happening nationally right now.

Kicking Goals in the Health Arena

The importance of a good diet in sports cannot be emphasised too much. We need to pay more attention to what we eat and how we eat. We must slim down and do more exercise regularly. If we are to stick around and bat out the session, we must eat well and with an eye on our health. The days of ignorance and carefree gluttony are well and truly over. Kicking goals in the health and wellbeing arena is essential to avoiding costly heart disease and cancers. Your smart phone may provide the information you require but you will have to do the hard yards yourself.